Nuri Al Rawi
Fine artist, art critic, and historian who belongs to pioneer generation, and he was one of the founders of the Iraqi fine art. Nory was born in Rawa in 1925. His style was painting the charming nature and white domed houses. He died in 2014 in Baghdad.

نوري الراوي

فنان تشكيلي وناقد فني ومؤرخ من جيل الرواد ومن مؤسسين الفن التشكيلي العراقي ولد في راوه عام 1925 امتاز اسلوبه برسم الطبيعه الساحره والبيوت ذات القبب البيضاء توفي عام 2014 في بغداد

Nuri Al Rawi 03

Nuri Al Rawi 03
44 x 30 cm
Ink on carton

Nuri Al Rawi 02

Nuri Alrawi 02
45 x 25 cm
Mixed Media on carton

Nuri Al Rawi 01

Nuri Al Rawi 01
90 x 90 cm
Oil on canvas

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